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Make Fun and Tasty Alcohol-Based Drinks

Ever had a great drink at a bar or restaurant and wished you could make it at home? Then you’ve landed on the right blog. While we don’t claim to be experts in mixology, we do aim to offer information and insights on how you can make some of the tastiest and most interesting adult beverages at home. Learn about different types of alcohol, how to pair them with a variety of ingredients, and get recipes you can try out at your next social event. In these lean times, we’ll even share ways you can save money at the cash register and make your supplies last longer. So, grab your favorite adult beverage, and click through our site for some great mixology advice.



Buy A Bottle Of Champagne To Give For These Occasions

A lot of people closely associate champagne with weddings, and while it's nice to have this high-end beverage ready for a toast during this festive day, you might enjoy buying champagne on other occasions. One option is to buy a bottle to give as a gift. Anyone who enjoys sipping champagne will be happy to receive a bottle and may invite you to have a glass with them. You can buy all sorts of champagne at your local liquor store. This beverage can be a good gift idea for several different occasions, including the following.

New Home

When someone you know buys a new home, they'll likely invite you over to see it at some point. Even if the person isn't having a traditional housewarming get-together, it's still appropriate for you to show up with a gift to celebrate this occasion. A bottle of champagne can work well in this situation, especially if you're visiting a friend who doesn't have a need for any household items that are common housewarming gifts. Be sure to buy a bottle that has a stylish label, as some people will be inclined to keep the empty bottle in a display cabinet as a reminder of the excitement of their purchase of a new home.


Divorces are sad times for a lot of people, but there are also many people who celebrate this occasion — not necessarily at the moment that they decide to divorce, but rather once all of the legal proceedings are complete. If you have a friend who is in this situation and is talking in a celebratory manner, it can be appropriate for you to give them a gift. Given champagne's close association with celebrating big moments, this can be a good option at this time.

Website Launch

If you know an entrepreneur, they may have been working on a website that they want to launch. Whether they hope to sell a product or they're starting another type of online business, it will be a significant step forward once their website is live. For many entrepreneurs, it can take years to turn an idea into a reality, and it's nice to show support to your friend or family member once they've reached this point in their new business. Showing up with a bottle of champagne sends them a clear message that you support their endeavor and you're eager to celebrate their accomplishment. Browse bottles of champagne at your local full-service liquor store.