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Make Fun and Tasty Alcohol-Based Drinks

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5 Kinds Of Beer

Beer is one of the most widely enjoyed adult beverages, and it's been around for millennia. There are many different kinds of beer all over the world. Here are five that you're likely to encounter at a bar, brewery, or craft beer store. 

1. Ale

Ale is a broad category of beer that's defined by how the fermentation process proceeds. Ales are fermented in relatively warm temperatures and for a relatively short amount of time. Most of the yeasts that ferment ales float at the top of the liquid as fermentation takes place.

Since ale is a broad category, there are numerous different types of ales. Brown ale, pale ale, India pale ale, American ale, white ale, and even black ale are all different types of ales.

2. Lager

Lager is the other broad category of beer, and it's again defined by the fermentation process. Compared to ales, lagers ferment at colder temperatures for longer times. They also are made using yeasts that sit at the bottom of the liquid and mash.

There also are many different types of lagers, although perhaps not quite as many as there are types of ale. Boston lager, American lager, pilsner, bock, and dunkel are some common lagers.

3. Porter

Porters are a type of ale, and they're one of the two darkest beer types. Porters are characterized by their dark brown and black coloring, intense roasted taste, and generally high alcohol content. They can be fruity or dry and can have additional flavors infused into them.

4. Stout

Stouts are much like porters, and these are the other of the two darkest beer types. Stouts likewise have a dark brown or black color, intense roasted taste, and generally high alcohol content. If you like porters, you'll probably also like stouts.

The primary difference between porters and stouts lies in the specific notes that they have. Stouts have unmalted roasted barely added during fermentation, which makes these beers less sweet than porters. Coffee notes and a thick head are usually characteristic of stouts.

5. Blonde Ale

Blonde ales are on the opposite end of the beer spectrum. These beers are light in color and flavor, and they're frequently also a little lighter in alcohol content. 

Blonde ales differ from pale ales in their hoppiness—blonde ales have a lot less hop flavor. They also don't have the unique fruity notes of sour beers. The classic profile of a blonde ale is crisp, dry, and uniform.

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