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  • Yerba Mate Tea

  • Green Tea 

  • Monk Fruit 

  • Hemp Extract

  • Electrolytes  





This traditional South American tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world!  In 1964, the Pasteur Institute found that Yerba Mate contains practically all the vitamins needed to sustain life. We love that it is a natural source of energy that stimulates mental awareness and good health. It is also a nutritional powerhouse loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If that weren’t enough, it has been known to reduce high blood pressure. promote healthy weight loss, improve your immune system, and increase your overall well being and happiness!




Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks and has long been a favorite with the health-minded. This traditional Asian tea originated in China thousands of years ago. It is a good source of antioxidants, nutrients and has a long list of benefits that support a healthy mind and body.



Monk Fruit has been used for centuries in Asian regions as a natural sweetener and for its many health benefits. It delivers a pleasant, sweet flavor with no bitter after taste. Because it is so much sweeter than cane sugar very little is needed to flavor our teas. Its health benefits are an exciting bonus! Monk fruit extract has no calories, no carbs, no sugars and no effect on blood sugar. It’s been considered a superfood because it also contains powerful antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory abilities, fights infections, can possibly help prevent and treat cancer, helps manage obesity and diabetes and fights fatigue. How awesome is that! All we wanted it to do was naturally sweeten our teas!



Hemp extract supports general health and wellness. Researchers have suggested hemp as a natural pain reliever, to help lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation, balance hormones and to help with general heart health. We use the latest nanotechnology to blend hemp extract into our flavored teas and waters. This creates immediate bioavailability allowing maximum benefits.



Last but not least, our teas and waters are infused with electrolytes to help replenish and hydrate your body. Maintaining balanced electrolytes in your body allows it to maintain proper amounts of water, balanced blood acidity (pH), proper muscle function and other important processes to occur. Whether you are rehydrating after a workout or hydrating to maintain a healthy intake, the ease of drinking our flavored teas and waters make it easier to hydrate better.
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