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It’s Simple.

No chemicals. Low sugar. No complications. Natural Hemp Extract.

Simple Life is all about restoring the vital balance you need to live the life you’re living.



1 Gram of Sugar or Less

Monk Fruit Sweetener

We all want the “Sweet Life,” but not the negative effects of sugar. It’s simply possible! We lightly sweeten our teas with pure monk fruit extract – the familiar sweetness you enjoy with a glycemic index of zero. Simple. Natural. Better.

All-Natural Ingredients

Nothing Artificial

Simple Life offers simple beverages solving for complicated lifestyles. Our teas and waters are made with high quality all-natural ingredients, never with artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors.

10 Calories or Less

Thriving Lifestyle

We believe good health comes from small everyday decisions to put good things in our bodies, starting with the very basics: what we drink. Each of our teas and waters have only 10 calories or less!


Our busy bodies and swirling minds crave the functional benefits of waters that hydrate and teas that energize. Hemp extract tackles stress and imbalance in nearly net zero beverages that support your goals, and nothing else. 


What’s on your mind? All the things.
Your dream job, running for just 2 more minutes, online dating, that last 5 lbs? It’s all good. Simple Life reminds you: You can have a big life AND be healthy too! We’re here to help you keep it simple where it counts.

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Live the Simple Life

Focus on Living, Keep Life Simple!

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